We just finished our first Jam!

We present you our iteration of the theme "Sacrifices must be made".

Did you know the world's tallest building is Burj Khalifa
Well no longer!

You have been selected among many others to a race to the top of the new world's tallest building (in construction)
There can only be one winner and you may use any means to get to the top.

In addition, there is a rapid moving laser, scanning the building from the bottom to the top.
It eliminates everyone that goes underneath it.

When scanning someone, the laser takes some time to process the individual.

PRO TIP:  Sacrifice your competition by pushing them off in order to slow down the laser!

Game was finished using these tools

- Phaser 3 library
- Pyxel Edit
- FL Studio


We have noticed that the options for the menu are not working (skipping and mute), please excuse us about that!


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i really like this game, couldn't get to the top.