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Hackerman is about a thief/hacker who's on a heist. However, he forgot his power cord. With too much ego, he refuses to go back empty-handed. He must make his way past the guards to the vault before his laptop gives up on him.

Game made for Ludum Dare#39
The theme of this game jam was: Running out of power

Made in the span of 48 hours using Game Maker Studio 2 and Pyxel Edit with BFXR

The game relies heavily on trying to sneak your way past the guards. However the game is fairly short. With more time, there are definitely many ways to improve and expand on this game. This was also my first attempt at both making a video game and using Game Maker Studio.

I wish there was music, but that concept requires a lot more discipline than i have anticipated.

I am also aware that there might be a few bugs here and there that I have neglected due to a lack of time. But I am happy to say that I do have a playable game when I have submitted this!


Tiberius @SuciuTiberius

Install instructions

Extract the Zip File and run the executable :^)


Hackerman.zip 2 MB

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